This office was initially set up to provide immediate relief to the Bhopal gas victims in form of free ration, ex-gratia payment etc.  Later this office was entrusted with the responsibility of distributing interim relief to the gas victims and to carry out economic and social rehabilitation activities for the Bhopal gas victims.  Presntly this office is primarily responsible for the custody of the Union Carbide premises and for upkeep and maintenance of widow's colony. This colony is consturcted by the department to provide houses to the widow's of deceased gas victims.

The main functionaries are:

Name & Designation

Office Address Telephone/Fax
STD - 0755
Shri Avinash Lavania
Collector, Bhopal
Collectorate, Bhopal 2540494 (O)
2546733 Fax
Shri Rajesh Gupta
Joint Collector
Collectorate, Bhopal 2538857 (O)