Madhya Pradesh Government : Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Department, Bhopal



As per first Action Plan an amount of Rs.29.13 crore has been spent till March 2008 against the sanction amount of Rs.23.76 crore.

The gas affected areas suffered severe environmental losses and ecological degradation.  As such, with a view to improve ecological conditions, following activities were undertaken:-

Plantation of trees, development of green belts and open areas, Children's Park, Construction and Covering Nullahs, Pavement of streets, Laying of roads, Construction of sewerage/drainage lines, Improvement of water supply schemes, Lighting of streets, Construction of smokeless choolahs, Conversion of dry/open latrines into water flush latrines, Construction of Sulabh Sauchalayas. Toxic leakage has caused severe damage to the environmental. The people, those who are lliving in gas exposed localities has been suffering from various ailments including respiratory disorders so there is great need of open spaces for pure air. In view of this plantation and creation of paths has been taken under consideration. For this purpose a proposal of Rs.22.00 crores has been prepared and submitted to Government of India.


     Department has ensured pure drinking water supply regularly to ten gas affected wards.  Moreover, during the present financial year (2007-08) an amount of Rs. 2.00 Crore has also been sanctioned.  At present six high quality over head tanks has been constructed in the following localities for distribution of pure drinking water.

1.           Ward No.8 Bag Munshi Hussain Khan

2.           Ward No.11 Nariyalkheda

3.           Ward No.13 Kabitpura

4.           Ward No.15 Arif Nagar

5.           Ward No.16 Chhola\J.P.Nagar

6.           Ward No.14 Congress Nagar (Partial Supply)


    A proposal of Rs.9.28 crores for permanent water supply system in 14 localities around Union Carbide was submitted by Municipal Corporation, Bhopal .  The proposal was sent to Government of India but it was not sanctioned.  As per instruction of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India State Government has arranged to supply safe drinking water to these 14 localities from its own limited resources.  For this purpose State Government has provided an amount of Rs.3.60 crore to Municipal Corporation of Bhopal. So far in total an amount of Rs.8.40 crore has been provided to Bhopal Municipal Corporation by the Department of Gas Tragedy Relief & Rehabilitation for the supply of  safe drinking water.  During the financial year 2008-2009, an amount of Rs.2.00 crore has been allotted for safe drinking water supply.

 The brief summary of expenditure incurred on environmental rehabilitation is as under:-

EXPENDITURE (Rs. crores)


Name of Scheme Sanctioned Provision Expenditure upto 31.3.1990 Expenditure from 1.4.90 to November 2008
Environmental Rehabilitation(First Action Plan)




  • plantation of trees
  • development of green belts and open areas
  • children’s park
  • construction and covering Nullahs
  • pavement of streets
  • construction of roads
  • construction of sewage/drainage
  • improvement of water supply schemes
  • development of open land
  • lighting of streets
  • disposal of wastes etc.
  • Supply of 9,000 smokeless choolahs

Under Second Action Plan Rs 50.00 crores provided for safe drinking water in gas affected localities, for that a project propasal from Municiple corporation Bhopal have been sanctioned by the department.Out of which Rs 42.28 crores have alredy been utilized for following works: 


  • construction of high rise tanks                                                            -    10
  • Laying of Feedermain                                                                             -    15.05 KM
  • Laying of distribution line in Jivanjyoti Colony                                  -    9.5 KM
  • Laying of distribution network in ward no 11 to 16 and 66 to 77 -  280 KM
  • Tap Connection Providednbsp                                                             -     10124

  • Union Carbide premises-site development plan
  • Disposal of Hazardous Industrial wastes lying in Union Carbide premises and decommissioning of the plant.Matter under consideration & pending before honorable Supreme Court.